Research interests

Empirical Macro/Finance; Energy and Climate Economics; Science Dynamics & Research Policy; Time Series Econometrics & Machine Learning

*New working papers*

Reasons Behind Words: OPEC Narrative and The Oil Market (with C. Brunetti and V. Mignon, last version), FED WP 2024-3 (February), CEPII WP 2023-19 (September) & EconomiX Working Paper 2023-24, submitted

Don't Lead Me This Way: Central Bank Guidance in The Age of Climate Change (with A. Creti and P. Cizmic), Climate Economic Chair WP (December), submitted

What Makes Econometric Ideas Popular: The Role of Connectivity (with B. Candelon and V. Mignon, last version), UCLouvain WP 2023-5 (October) & EconomiX WP 2023-25 (December), accepted in Research Policy

The Role of Index Traders in the Financialization of Commodities: A Behavioral Finance Approach (with C. Aït-Youcef), 2023, accepted in Energy Economics

Refereed Journal Articles

Most of the papers below are available at ResearchGate ( or IDEAS/Repec (

What Makes Econometric Ideas Popular: The Role of Connectivity, Research Policy, vol. 53, Issue 7, 2024 forthcoming (with B. Candelon and V. Mignon)

The Role of Index Traders in the Financialization of Commodities: A Behavioral Finance Approach, Energy Economcis, 2024 forthcoming (with C. Aït-Youcef)

Global Financial Interconnectedness: A Non-Linear Assessment of the Uncertainty Channel, Applied Economics, vol. 53, Issue 25, p. 2865-2887, 2021 (with B. Candelon and L. Ferrara)

Multiple bubbles in the European Union Emission Trading Scheme, Energy Policy, vol. 107, p. 119-130, 2017 (with A. Creti)

Economic and environmental implications of hydropower concession renewals: A case study in Southern France, Revue Economique, 2017 (with A. Creti and F. Pontoni)

On the link between current account and oil price fluctuations in diversified economies: The case of Canada, International Economics, vol. 152, p. 63-78, 2017 (with B. Gnimassoun and T. Razafindrabe)

Does the volatility of commodity prices reflect macroeconomic uncertainty?, Energy Economics, vol. 68, p. 313-326, 2017 (with V. Mignon and T. Razafindrabe)

Heterogeneous beliefs, regret, and uncertainty: The role of speculation in energy price dynamics, European Journal of Operational Research, vol. 247, p. 204-215, 2015

On the link between oil and commodity prices: A panel VAR approach, Energy Study Review, vol. 20, n°3, 2014 (with E. Hache and V. Brémond)

Energy Price Transmissions during Extreme Movements, Economic Modelling, vol. 40, p. 392-399, 2014

Testing for Granger-Causality in Distribution Tails: An Application to Oil Markets Integration, Economic Modelling, vol. 31, p. 276-285, 2013 (with B. Candelon and S. Tokpavi)

On the links between stock and commodity markets’ volatility, Energy Economics, vol. 37, p. 16-29, 2013 (with V. Mignon and A. Creti)

Is price dynamics homogeneous across Eurozone countries?, Journal of Economic Integration, vol. 27, p. 609-632, 2012 (with D. Guerreiro and V. Mignon)

On the relationship between forward prices of crude oil and domestic fuel: A panel data cointegration approach, International Economics, vol. 126-127, 2012

On the link between forward energy prices: A nonlinear panel cointegration approach, Energy Economics, vol. 33, p. 1170-1175, 2011 (with V. Mignon)

Book Chapters

Oil market volatility: Is macroeconomic uncertainty systematically transmitted to oil prices?, pp.31-50, Uncertainty, Expectations and Asset Price Dynamics: Essays in the Honor of Georges Prat (ed. F. Jawadi), Springer, 2018 (with V. Mignon and T. Razafindrabe)

Oil Price Shocks and Welfare Social Consequences, IAEE Energy Forum (ed. Elinar Hope), International Association of Energy Economics, 2014 (with T. Razafindrabe)

Mood-misattribution effect on energy finance: A biorhythm approach, International Symposia in Economic Theory and Econometrics (ed. W. Barnett, F. Jawadi), Emerald Publishing UK, 2012

Other publications

Vers une financiarisation des marchés des matières premières, Vie & Sciences de l’Entreprise (edited by l'Association Nationale des Docteurs ès Sciences Economiques et en Sciences de Gestion), 2015.

Volatility and uncertainty are not the same!, Blog du CEPII, May 2015 (with V. Mignon and T. Razafindrabe)

Vers une financiarisation accrue des marchés de matières premières, Blog du CEPII, Oct. 2012 (with A. Creti and V. Mignon)

Work in progress

On the detection of Zombies? (with V. Mignon)

How long does it take to kill Zombies?

Co-authorship in Econometrics

Crude oil Signal concentration